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vineri, 12 august 2011

Everything Is Human

Everything is human

The Tiger will eat us-

The stones, the clouds and the water are human

The Tiger will eat our ears-

Even the animals are human

The Tiger hesitates-

Maybe you thought it's the opposite

Now it's the moment to escape

The Tiger still hesitates-

Let's hide in a school, no one will notice us

The Tiger lost our trace and in the end it will come back in the wild,

which is human too.

It will stay there for a while, waiting maybe for an opportunity-

If nothing occurs, than he will go also to hide in one school

No one will notice it.

Anyway, it has that camouflage coat of its-

In-between the lines its stripes will perfectly match.

But, without tigers there would be no marks!

No buses, no zebras, no cables or wires, no spines, no maps, no horizon, no red lines,

no lines at all.

In this situation, our last choice is to count all the leaves and look for secret places

Let's walk until exhaustion,

Let's finish now all of our imagination,

-Don't stop!

Let's educate skeletons to be less stubborn in front of the Death.

Uninterrupted production of postcards.

Common places like perfection, freedom, creativity, the best of all, exposure, Orient & Occident, evolution and progress, hobbies, fashion, mystery, look, the new and philosophy,

-which comes from boredom and fatigue.

Volcanoes of words are exploding, revealing us the codes and that Tiger that promised to digest our desires instead of us.

Everything will be in the right place.

The light, the effort, the good and the bad...

Will all stay in their homes.

No label can be replaced.

No tiger can hide, not even through a simple dance.

Rocks of thinking.

Methods, rules, manners, styles, charts and bills, mean nothing more than themselves,

when one leopard eats another

In this cannibalism lies the will of rejecting the Cosmos, tours and scientific and artistic storms.

(Salzburg, 2011)

image: Bogdan Teodorescu, Illusive Borzoi on the Streets of Salzburg, 2011