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duminică, 20 mai 2012

HEADLINES/ Cel mai important :: Galeria 26/ OTA

'HEADLINES/The Most Important' 

19:00 - 04:00

artist: Bogdan Teodorescu

Order is a principle a little inconvenient because it requires physically and mentally efforts. It is also inconvenient because it takes on a classic aesthetic so therefore reserved and rigid. In addition, creates fears of uniformity. In a positive light however provides confidence in truth and immutable values.

Despite widespread opinion, chaos is even more difficult to represent, 
especially when we want an image one hundred percent corresponding with its definition. In all chaos there is some order, perhaps because of our intimate mental structures or their cultural influences.

Dependent on these issues, general attention is orderly oriented towards the 'more important' things generally serious or worrisome. Thus, hidden by a violent or even stronger appearance core elements go unnoticed.
Beside other specific laws of mass-media and its broadcast, the rule of conduct of a publication always goes on the descending formula where disasters take the headlines, and cultural news, for example are the next in line only  if is not another disaster.

Exhibition "Headlines / The main 'discuss terms such as' attention', 'perception' and 'confusion', at first placing a stake on an artistic substrate and then on a para-political discourse, somewhat dominant in most of the contemporary artistic acts and statements.