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duminică, 9 octombrie 2011

Panther Head [Capul de panteră] :: 14/10/2011

Panther Head

Silvia Costin & Bogdan Teodorescu

Galeria 26, Dr. Staicovici, No. 26, Bucharest

Vernissage: Friday, 14 October 2011, 19.30

Panther Head is a new exercise about view and contexts that view is creating.

Gallery 26 presents, within the framework of this exhibition, an installation consisting of several three-dimensional figures and a picture. Almost all pieces are covered with a leopard fur pattern (Panthera Pardus), committed to avoid the direct contact of the viewer with the painting. This is favoured by its central position and by the medium used, but the context, very similar to an op art effect, is leading to a different order of reception.

The installation can be taken and as a camouflage strategy or an essay about upheaval, in the lighter sense of confusion, despite the apparent rigour. In a certain sense, Panther Head puts into question notions and concepts, such as what is really important or what are distance and illusion, of course, including ridiculous and accents of seriousness that are not avoided.

Silvia Costin(n.1980) and Bogdan Teodorescu(n.1980) live in Bucharest. Both artists work independently and collaborate since 2001.

Galeria 26 / OTA

Str. Dr. Staicovici, No. 26, Bucharest