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sâmbătă, 20 august 2011

Dear Students

Dear Students

What the devil are you doing here in Salzburg?
Studying clouds, rain, tears.
(How much salt is in one tear?)
You ask: what is this rat doing here?
This rat is digging in the garbage of memory-
In such awful English.
And it gets paid for this.
How much? How much?
5200 euro.
Too much.
Too little.

Dear Students

Are you hungry for fear or for touristic beauty?
Wake up at 6 in the morning
Or better at 5 and walk around the city.
Maybe you will see this touristic nothing.

Dear Students

How is it possible to learn art,
To study art, how is it possible to fly alone
or all together?

I don't know.
And I don't care about this.

Yours sincerely,

Mladen Stilinović

To the students of REFLECTION ON ART AND NO-ART class led by Mladen Stilinović, Summer Academy Salzburg, 2011.

image: Bogdan Teodorescu, Verbascum phlomoides, 2011, Salzburg